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AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE: a natural treatment using a specialised massage techniques. Designed to improve energy levels, restore physical health and physiological well-being. All benefits are multiplied by the use of Essential Oils individually chosen for each treatment.
Aromatherapy Full Body Massage 1 hr $145.00
Aromatherapy Full Body Massage with Facial 1 hr $145.00
Aromatherapy Full Body Massage with Facial 1.5 hrs $195.00

RELAXING SWEDISH MASSAGE: Smooth, flowing massage movements help promote relaxation, improve circulation, while relieving muscular tension and pain. Together with a massage blend of pure essential oils, provides a total relaxing and pampered experience.
Relaxing Swedish Massage 1 hr $140.00
Relaxing Swedish Massage with Facial 1 hr $145.00
Relaxing Swedish Massage 1.5 hrs $190.00
Relaxing Swedish Massage with Facial 1.5 hrs $190.00

THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE: incorporates massage techniques to alleviate tension, discomfort & pain in the body’s muscula- skeletal system, particularly in the back, neck & shoulders which, in turn, enhances the whole person, and restores energy levels
Therapeutic Massage 1 hr $140.00
Therapeutic Massage 1.5hr $190.00

Pregnancy Massage 1hr $140.00
Let you and your baby find a relaxed way of being at this beautiful time in your life. Experience an authentic pregnancy massage with specially blended and prepared massage oils.
Hot Stone Massage 1.5hr $210.00
Warming and deeply relaxing this specialty massage help warm up tight muscles, improves circulation and calms the nervous system which allows the therapist to apply deeper pressure, if desired. Stones are also placed on energy centres of the body to rebalance the body and mind. (Amore Day Spa only)
Crystal Healing Massage 1.5 hr $210.00
An Amore Crystal Healing Massage involves a full body relaxation massage, Reiki and the application of crystals placed around and upon the body within specific energy centers. This peaceful healing treatment brings together the power of the therapists hands with the smooth healing energies crystals, to balance, rejuvenate and restore the mind body and soul. (Amore Day Spa only)

You are booking 0 items View Bookings

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